M. Gries, K. Keutzer: Building ASIPs: The Mescal Methodology

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Building ASIPs: The Mescal Methodology

Matthias Gries, Kurt Keutzer (editors), Springer, 375 p., June 2005, ISBN: 0-387-26057-9

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Table of contents (pdf)

Contributing authors (pdf, alphabetical)

  • Mescal chapters
    Matthias Gries, Yujia Jin, Kurt Keutzer, Chidamber Kulkarni, Andrew Mihal, Matthew Moskewicz, William Plishker, Kaushik Ravindran, Christian Sauer, Niraj Shah, Mel Tsai, Scott Weber
  • CoWare chapter
    Gunnar Braun, Anupam Chattopadhyay, Manuel Hohenauer, David Kammler, Olaf Lüthje, Heinrich Meyr, Oliver Schliebusch, Andreas Wieferink, Ernst Martin Witte
  • Tensilica chapter
    Steve Leibson, Grant Martin


An increasing number of system designers are using ASIP’s rather than ASIC’s to implement their system solutions. Building ASIPs: The Mescal Methodology gives a simple but comprehensive methodology for the design of these application-specific instruction processors (ASIPs).

The key elements of this methodology are:

  • Judiciously using benchmarking
  • Inclusively identifying the architectural space
  • Efficiently describing and evaluating the ASIPs
  • Comprehensively exploring the design space
  • Successfully deploying the ASIP
  • This book includes demonstrations of applications of the methodologies using the Tipi research framework as well as state-of-the-art commercial toolsets from CoWare and Tensilica.

    Written for:

    This book is of interest to R&D EDA engineers and managers involved with system-on-chip design tool flows, who are specifically interested in future design trends for increasing design productivity.

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